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Enterprise Translation Management
With more than a decade of experience supporting The Globalizor translation management system, Kinetic is here to help your global enterprise take control of the arduous translation process. We're revolutionizing the translation management and procurement process. The Globalizor translation management system puts an end to the countless phone calls, meetings, emails and texts it typically takes to manage multiple projects. It transforms the translation buying process from a series of hurdles to a strategic competitive advantage in today's global marketplace for you and your company.
What corporate translation buyers want, Kinetic delivers.

Continuous Quality Improvement

The centralized, uniform process was designed from the ground up to deliver continuous quality and process improvements. Controlling and growing your translation memory, glossaries and term-bases all contribute to improved quality across numerous vendors and translators. Leveraging previously approved translations clearly makes sense in today's quality conscious world.

Faster Time to New Markets - the New Competitive Advantage

This is the new competitive advantage in today's global economy and we want you to win! With your new enterprise-wide portal and centralized repository of all your translated and localized intellectual property, every new project leverages all previous translations. As Translation Memory matches increase, the amount of human translation work required decreases so your work is completed faster, with greater consistency and at lower cost.

Significant Initial Savings, Guaranteed

Once you can aggregate the total translation volume across the entire enterprise, you create a buyers' market for your translation needs. Total Annual Volume drives pricing, giving you the power to reduce or even eliminate Project Management Fees and Minimum Fees. The vendors' ability to raise pricing is gone and the pressure is on them to keep lowering prices to win your business.

While the Kinetic system greatly lowers your expenses, it also lowers the vendors' expenses, allowing them to go below your negotiated contract prices. The vendors' guess work and fudge factors are eliminated by providing internationalized and pre-translated files 100% ready for the translator to begin translating. After the vendors' initial shock of having to bid on each project, they soon realize that much of the initial work is already done for them--bidding is quick and easy and their contract pricing for the project is automatically supplied to them by the system. They can submit their contract price or consider lowering their price to win the job. Maybe they have excess capacity right now, maybe they need to meet some financial goals, maybe the account rep needs to make his quota… all these variables are now in play, and in your favor!

Being selected as an approved language translation vendor no longer guarantees a steady flow of work; it requires a consistent effort to bid and take on new projects. With each project won, they must deliver the highest quality, and deliver it on time to stay on the bid list. Yes it is tough, but translations today are a commodity and you are just treating it that way because you have the knowledge, the system and the control!

Kinetic guarantees a minimum of 20% translation expense savings in the initial 12 months of deployment, with our average Client reported savings of 42% in the first year. And savings will continue to increase because the system is built to deliver greater savings the more it is used.

Unparalleled Control

Where you, not your vendors, have secure and private control of your content, your translation memory and your intellectual property, as well as the actual translation process, from beginning to end. Vendor independence unleashes you from their rules, processes, timelines and prices.

Full Transparency & Metrics

You have full insight into each stage of each project. The system measures and tracks everything from document word count and word repeats to vendor errors, delivery performance and cost-competitiveness. Imagine being able to replace the old ‘lump-sum invoice' paradigm of most vendors with one of line-item accountability. It's a big change, but easy when you are in full control.

Simplicity, Efficiency & Agility for Your Users, Vendors & You

The enterprise-wide portal simplifies the translation process for everyone, providing improved efficiency and agility to your users, your department and your vendors. Even your Purchasing Department will appreciate the new efficiencies. Because you are setting the translation process rules, terms and conditions, you can keep things simple and efficient.
Client Insights
View short videos with client insights and perspectives for localization managers, procurement leaders, CFO's, marketing directors and technical writers.
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"It was no less than moving the Himalayas!" Our SABIC client talks about his Kinetic experience.
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